Wall Oven Vs Range

Wall Oven Vs Range: What Is The Difference?

BBQ is a favorite and indispensable dish of many people. A multi-function oven will help solve it all in the fastest way. That’s when you need an oven. 

You want to buy the right oven for your needs, but it’s difficult to make a choice. If you are confused about which to choose between the wall oven vs range, the following article will provide you with their different characteristics to help you decide.

Wall Oven

  • Appearance: Streamlined
  • Sizes: Width 24-, 27- or 30 inches; Height 27-29 inches
  • Maintenance & repair: Difficult
  • Cost: Expensive
  • Installation: Complex


  • Appearance: Focal point of the kitchen
  • Sizes: Width 24-, 30-, 36-, 48-, and up to 60-inches; Height 30-66 inches
  • Maintenance & repair: Easy
  • Cost: Less Expensive
  • Installation: Simple

Wall Oven Vs Range: 5 Key Differences

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1. Appearance

Wall Oven

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As their name suggests, wall ovens are modern ovens designed to be installed in a recess, with the backside fixed to the wall, and we only see the front of the oven. That’s why the front of the built-in oven is always elegant and eye-catching. 

The use of a wall oven helps save space and increase the aesthetics of the kitchen space, especially for apartments or houses with modest kitchen space.

The current models of wall ovens have many different door styles. The most common door type is the pull-down door. However, at present, the one-sided swing door or the two-side swing door is more popular because of its convenience.


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The look of the range is more industrial in style and beauty than the wall oven. If you are a person who loves to cook, the range will be a good choice for you. The range is a combination of stove and oven. The door type of the range is also a pull-down door.

2. Sizes

In terms of the current oven size, choosing the right oven size does not follow any standard. Each brand produces not one but many types of ovens, each with different sizes, to provide various options for users.

Wall Oven

The size of the wall oven is usually a 30-inch type, suitable for a variety of foods, and can be used to bake a large number of dishes at once, still ensuring that the food is cooked and retains its delicious taste. If it is a double wall oven, it will be two wall ovens of equal size.


Range sizes come in a variety of sizes, from 24 – 60 inches. However, unlike the wall oven, the size of the two ovens of the 48-inch range is not equal. On the other hand, the 60-inch model alone will give you two equally sized ovens. And when you decide to use range, you should consider whether your kitchen space is enough for such a large oven. 

The range combines stovetop and oven, saving kitchen space and meeting the need to cook many dishes simultaneously.

3. Maintenance & Repair

Wall Oven

As a modern device, the wall oven is certainly hard to repair. Since it is attached to the wall, when damaged, you will need a professional serviceman. Also, if unfortunately your wall oven breaks down and has to be replaced with a new one, you will have to look for a new wall oven of similar size.


In contrast to wall ovens, the range is generally easy to maintain and repair. In addition, you will have easy access to the back of the device and may not need to call a professional oven serviceman.

4. Cost

Wall Oven

A built-in oven can become more expensive as it requires the purchase of two appliances: a single/double wall oven and a hob. This combination often costs thousands of dollars.


The cost of this device will depend on the make, model, and performance. However, you can find a reliable range for less than $1,000 without having to buy any additional combo gear.

5. Installation

Wall Oven

The installation of this device requires the intervention of a professional technician as this setup could be quite complicated. Fortunately, you won’t need to install an external vent because the built-in oven has an internal vent. As a result, it eases the process a bit and saves you a bit of time installing wall ovens.


For range, you only need to place the device in the right spot in your kitchen. Then, it can stand alone without any support. The advantage of the range is that it protects the counter space, which the wall oven and separate hob do not have.

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Is a gas or electric wall oven better?

The answer is electric. According to Consumer Reports magazine, using electricity instead of gas helps food heat evenly and makes it easier to clean. And of course, electric ovens are much more expensive than gas ovens.

Wall ovens and traditional ovens: Which one is better?

Wall ovens are better choices. First and foremost, they are much safer than other traditional ovens. 

Indeed, with a fixed installation, users don’t have to worry about the stove being moved during the cooking process, avoiding the risk of breakage, damage, or burns from the food being cooked.

Moreover, smokeless technology ensures a cleaner cooking environment, limiting the risk of explosion due to gas, flammable objects, and less heat on the cooking surface, which is safe to contact. 

What are some tips to clean a wall oven or range effectively?

Tips for cleaning a range/ wall oven:

  • Make sure that all controls are turned off, and the appliance cools down before cleaning.
  • Make sure all surfaces of the appliance, burners, and burners are cool before cleaning or disassembling.
  • Clean the oven with oven cleaner only.
  • DO NOT obstruct combustion airflow and ventilation.
  • DON’T use bleach or rust remover on the stovetop or burner.
  • DO NOT use abrasive or acidic cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, and these cleaners are corrosive.
  • DO NOT use a wire brush or metal object to clean the burner ports or outlet. The brush can “drop” bristles that can get caught in the drain hole or burner ports and cause a fire or explosion.


Above is information related to the two types of ovens that are commonly used today: wall oven vs range. A perfect oven for you will not be the “biggest” or the “cheapest”, … but a product that meets the standards you set. Hope you will choose the most suitable product for your family.

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