Oven Vs Stove: Are They Different?

Oven Vs Stove: Are They Different?

Generally, it is challenging to tell the differences between an oven and a stove when it comes to kitchen appliances. In most cases, people often use the two terms interchangeably to refer to the same object even though they indicate different devices. 

But, since the appliances have diversified, it’s vital to acknowledge their inherent dissimilarities for different usage purposes.

If you’re still confused between oven vs stove, let’s delve deeper into our article to shed light on these terms.

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Oven Vs Stove: An Overview

What is an oven?

An oven is an enclosed space, usually part of a range that uses gas or electric heat to cook food. It has a temperature and timer to adjust the temperature and time needed to cook a specific food.

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Besides, there are several types of ovens, ranging from steam ovens, gas ovens, and electric ovens.

  • Steam oven: As the name suggests, it has a water container and boiler that generates hot steam to cook food. This oven is a great choice to reduce cooking time while preserving the food’s flavor and nutrition value. In addition, it can be either placed on a counter or installed in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Gas oven: It uses either natural gas or propane to function with the main burner at the base of the oven. Due to the gas’s efficiency, the gas oven tends to heat rapidly.
  • Electric oven: It uses heating elements to create heat in the oven cavity. It is undoubtedly the most common in households because it is versatile, affordable, hassle-free, and has a wide range of options for cooking. 

What is a stove?

A stove is technically an appliance that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat. 

Traditionally, it is once primarily referred to as a heating device that utilizes wood and coal as fuel sources. But it has witnessed significant developments over time and evolved as a modern stove using gas or electricity. 

A stove varies depending on heat efficiency or purposes, including wood-burning stoves, kitchen stoves, or coal stoves.

  • Wood-burning stove: It is a traditional stove that burns wood to provide a rich, smoky flame to heat a home or indoor space.
  • Kitchen stove: It is ideally the most popular stove being used. It ranges from gas stoves to electric stoves that are installed in the traditional kitchen to cook food.
  • Coal stove: As a way of warding off wintry weather, homeowners seek a coal stove to warm up the house. This type of stove is characterized by significant efficiency and a high combustion temperature.

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Oven Vs Stove: What’s The Difference?

While there’s confusion surrounding how to use the two terms correctly, the paragraph below will guide you through some notable characteristics that differentiate an oven from a stove.


In the kitchen, a stove is an appliance integrated into countertops with a stovetop. At the same time, the oven can be available as a standalone appliance without a stovetop (this model is called a wall oven). 

​Specifically, the wall oven comes with single or double units for added capacity. It is often installed into the wall space and placed separately from a kitchen’s cabinetry or cooktop.

Cooking techniques

The critical difference between an oven and a stove is the cooking techniques performed in each appliance.

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Specifically, the wall oven comes with single or double units for added capacity. It is often installed into the wall space and placed separately from a kitchen’s cabinetry or cooktop.

Cooking techniques

The critical difference between an oven and a stove is the cooking techniques performed in each appliance.

While a stove is likely to apply to various cooking methods such as stir-frying, sautéing, boiling, steaming, poaching, an oven is often used for dry heat techniques, including baking, broiling, and roasting.

In short, a general rule of thumb is to use the oven for slow, even cooking, or drying the food while the stove is versatile for searing and quick-cooking.


As a general rule, an oven utilizes two heating elements to create heat in the enclosed chamber to cook food. The bottom heating element controlled by the thermostat is likely to warm up the oven. And is used for most cooking and baking. While the top element is commonly applied for broiling.

On the other hand, a stove has different functions depending on its type. For example, the electric stove is power-driven through a set of coils to cook a wide range of food. Meanwhile, a wood-burning stove is designed to produce cozy, efficient, and environmentally-friendly heat to warm up the room. 

Oven vs Stove: Which suits your needs?

Both oven and stove are indispensable components of a modern kitchen. They’re versatile, convenient, efficient appliances to cook toothsome dinner recipes and desserts for families. Depending on your demands and use purpose, you can opt for the stove or the oven for your kitchen. 

A stove is often used to stir fry, sauté, boil, steam, and poach food. While an oven is compatible with baking, roasting, broiling. Hence, a stove is undoubtedly superior when making stir fry food, whereas an oven is more favorable to create a hearty roast beef recipe.

Note that ovens and stoves have diverse configurations, features, heat energy sources, and installation options. Therefore, make sure to determine which cooking setup is most likely to suit your preferences, kitchen layout, kitchen size, and cooking method adaptability.

The Bottom Line

Now, you’re probably able to distinguish between oven vs stove. Hopefully, after reading the article, you now have sufficient information relating to the topic.

Although stove and oven are often used interchangeably. They’re two distinct kitchen appliances that deal with different designs, cooking techniques, and functions. It’s up to your preferences to decide which is best for your space.

If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends or family members. Also, don’t forget to leave us some comments or thoughts on using the kitchen appliances. 

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