How To Use The Air Fryer for Toast

How To Use The Air Fryer for Toast?

Toast is the cornerstone of breakfast, so how do you prepare yours?

And no, this isn’t a trick question!

A regular kitchen toaster is undeniably the default choice when you want toast. That’s obvious.

Did you know you can also use an air fryer for toasting, though? Today, we’ll walk you through how you can achieve this the easy way. First, though, some shotgun air fryer basics…

I. Air Fryers 101


Over recent years, air fryers have exploded in popularity.

The premise of these nifty appliances is simple. With one or more heating elements and a fan, hot air is circulated throughout the compact cooking chamber. This leads to much more consistently cooked food with only a fraction of the oil you would need for deep frying.

Now, here’s the kicker with air fryers…

If you try replicating deep fried food, you won’t get quite the same results.

Instead, we suggest trying out some completely different recipes from roasted vegetables or frozen French fries through to toast.

II. Can I Really Toast Bread in An Air Fryer?

The good news is that you can use an air fryer for toast, but there is one important proviso. When you pop your bread inside the basket, it’s essential to keep it fixed in place. Fail to secure your toast and it could suffer the same fate as any light ingredients with the air lifting the bread up and flipping it around inside.

If you have an air fryer/toaster oven combo, you sidestep this issue. These devices are expressly designed to toast bread. This is your best option by far if you plan to rack up toast on the regular.

For anyone not interested in one of these combo units, try using a grill pan for your air fryer rather than relying on the regular basket.

III. How To Cook Plain Toast in an Air Fryer

Now, the great thing about mastering the art of plain toasted bread in your air fryer is the way you can use this as a base for more substantial and even tastier snacks.

First, though, you need to get the basics in place.

To reiterate, your strongest option is to buy either a convection toaster oven or an air fryer and toaster oven combination cooker as mentioned above. Either of these variants will give you superior results to something like a Philips Air Fryer with a standard basket. If you insist on using one of these, ensure your bread is tightly secured.

So, how do you rustle up that toast?

IV. How To Make Air Fryer Toast

How To Use The Air Fryer for Toast
How To Use The Air Fryer for Toast

There’s no excuse to say you don’t have time to make breakfast when you can get things done in just 3 minutes.

Here’s how to make air fryer toast.

1. What You Need

  • White bread (4 slices)
  • Butter (1 tsp)

2. What To Do

  • Pop your slices of white bread on the top shelf of the air fryer oven
  • Set the temperature to 400F
  • Set the timer for 3 minutes
  • Remove from air fryer and serve

See, when we told you it was easy to cook toast in your new favorite appliance, you probably didn’t think it would be quite that easy!

So, how can you liven things up if a slice of buttered toast is not quite enough to get your tastebuds quivering?

V. How To Make Even Better Air Fryer Toast

Ask yourself how you would embellish toasted bread if you weren’t relying on an air fryer.

Bringing some eggs into play instantly transforms breakfast into a protein-rich and filling feast. Start scrambling some eggs, and as they near fruition, pop your bread in the air fryer. Both should be ready at the same time. Consider sprinkling some smoked salmon on top for an indulgence.

Cheese is the other obvious addition to toast. Throw in some tomatoes and some chutney or pickle for a savory feast any time of the day.

Spreads of all varieties give you a lip-smacking treat on toast. From jam and marmalade to rich pate, you’re spoiled for choice if simple toast and butter is a little bland for your liking.

Running out of money at the end of the month? Throw some baked beans over your air fryer toast and you have a nutritious and filling mini-meal laden with carbohydrates. If nothing else, you’ll be full and satisfied for a while.

VI. Can I Toast Other Forms of Bread or Bagels in an Air Fryer?

Now, we’ve got even more good news for you if you enjoy a range of different breads for your breakfast.

Bagels also work well in air fryers. Again, opt for one of the dedicated combo units to benefit from a specific bagel setting. The toast setting will also come with shade settings so you can stay in control of how pale or dark your toast comes out.

Muffins also fare well in air fryers.

How about if you’re partial to artisanal bread? Again, the key is to use a toaster oven designed for this purpose, or to secure any lighter slices of bread to the basket so they don’t get blown around inside.

VII. What Can I Do If My Toast Comes Out Too Well Done?

The final piece of advice we have for you today will solve the problem of your toast coming out too well done and it’s super-simple: experiment.

All air fryers come with varying wattages and you’ll need to play around with the temperature and the time. While we’ve used 400F and 3 minutes in our example, we don’t know what air fryer you’ll be using.

Think of it this way. What are you going to lose by getting it wrong once or twice? Bread is cheap so risk a few slices. Before you know it, you’ll be racking up toast every day without going anywhere near yoru regular toaster.

Remember, too, that air fryers make fantastic gifts. They’re the kind of appliance someone might not always be able to justify buying for themselves, but they are always gratefully received! Go one better and include a handy recipe for making toast so your loved one can streamline making breakfast and get things done in 3 minutes flat! Here are some great air fryers.

VIII. Conclusion

Hopefully today’s glimpse at how to use an air fryer for toast has illustrated what a versatile and efficient addition to your kitchen these appliances make.

Why not reserve your favorite deep-fried snacks for a treat and use your air fryer to experiment with different recipes you wouldn’t typically thinking of using the appliance for.

In the case of toast, go for one of the combination toaster ovens with an air fryer baked in. These units routinely offer 10 or more cooking functions allowing you to do everything from baking and dehydrating through to cooking pizza and cookies.

Before you go, don’t forget to bookmark Hygge Bakery and pop back any time you want some inspiration for the kitchen. With an air fryer, imagination is your only limitation!

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