How To Defrost A Samsung Ice Maker

How To Defrost A Samsung Ice Maker? (2 Common Methods)

If suddenly your Samsung ice maker stops working, don’t worry! Maybe it just needs to be defrosted.

When your Samsung ice maker stops working even when it’s still connected to a power source, it could be suffering from problems like unnecessary ice accumulation.

This will result in the ice maker not making ice properly and affect the unit’s ability to cool. In fact, this will not be difficult to solve; you just need to defrost your ice maker to get it up and running like before.


However, if you are stuck and don’t know how to defrost a Samsung ice maker, this article is for you. Here you can get methods to defrost a Samsung ice maker in simple steps, tips, and tricks accordingly.

Why Should You Defrost a Samsung Ice Maker?

The Samsung ice machine has a working mechanism where water is fed into the machine via the inlet valve, frozen into ice cubes, pushed through the right side of the air conditioner, and then into the bin below.

Although this ice maker has a reasonably high ice-making speed, its design is problematic because ice often forms on the right-hand side and gets stuck.

And so on, the ice blocks will not fall into the bucket, but they will continue to accumulate, making it difficult to open the drawer. Therefore, every few months, you need to check the ice buildup around the lip to the right-hand side.

Then it would help if you defrosted the ice maker to deposit fresh ice into the bin. This task is not difficult and only takes about 2 minutes to complete but can help a headache further down the line.

2 Methods Of Defrosting A Samsung Ice Maker (Detailed Instructions)

To defrost the ice maker, you can choose one of two methods:

1. Reset the Ice Maker

You can reset the ice maker of your ice maker to defrost your refrigerator. This process will take 24 hours, and you need to do the following:

  • Step 1: Remove the ice maker from the device, and find the reset button. It could be a blue square button in the upright corner; depending on the model, it could be on the machine’s bottom, front, or side.
  • Step 2: You need to press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear a chime indicating that your refrigerator has been reset. Then, put the ice bucket back in so the leftover ice won’t fall to the floor.
  • Step 3: At this point, the ice maker has been reset and starts to defrost itself. Its self-defrosting process can last up to 24 hours.

2. Manual Defrost

You can also defrost the ice maker manually if resetting it does not get it to defrost automatically.

  • Step 1: Take everything in the freezer out of the fridge.
  • Step 2: You can Place some thick towels close by and with a hairdryer, then start defrosting the ice maker and wipe off the water from the melted ice with a towel.
  • Step 3: Reboot the machine, and you’re done.

This manual method may take some effort, but you can defrost faster than the first method in return.


How Do You Force Defrost a Samsung Ice Maker?

You can easily use the force defrost in the Samsung ice makers and refrigerator function to help prevent ice clogging. The device will automatically activate the heating mode to defrost your ice maker when the heat pipes are activated. 

To start the Force Defrost in Samsung ice makers, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Power on the ice maker and press the “Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the screen goes blank.
  • Step 2: At this point, your refrigerator is in Defrost mode. Tap anywhere on the screen to shuffle through the options until you find the ‘Fd’ mode on the net.
  • Step 3: When the beep sounds, it is an indication that your refrigerator has entered force defrost mode.

This method can be applied several times a year to your Samsung ice maker as it is not an automatic feature. However, it must be activated in different ways depending on the type of machine you use, as demonstrated below:

Tabletop Models

For this type, you can simultaneously press the “Power Freezer” and Fridge buttons together for a few seconds to trigger the force defrost process. You will press and hold until the screen goes blank. Then cycle through the options until the word “Fd” appears on the LED display. And you’ll know that defrosting starts when you hear the refrigerator beep.

Water Dispenser Models

Like the tabletop, you also need to simultaneously press and hold the “Power Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons for 10 seconds until the screen flickers and lights up again. You cycle through the options until you see the “Fd” option. Immediately after, the refrigerator will enter Force Defrost mode and do its job.


You can also refer to this video to understand how to do it.

Samsung Refrigerator Defrosts Issues

Samsung refrigerators often face ice blockage problems because of their poor design structure. Fortunately, the defrost option always comes in handy when facing this problem. However, the defrost feature may not work correctly due to the following errors:

  • Blown defrost sensor fuse
  • Faulty defrost sensor
  • Heater pipes are frozen
  • Error thermostat

There are many new refrigerators and ice makers these days that have an automatic defrost feature. However, this feature is often affected by technical issues with the device and cannot function properly.

In this case, you can ask a technician to fix it and repair or replace the defective parts.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks to Force Defrost, the ice-build problem of your Samsung refrigerator or ice maker will be quickly resolved. In addition, the manual defrosting process will be much faster and easier to perform than the automatic mode.

Defrosting will reduce the risk of damage to your refrigerator, so pay attention to applying it at the right time.

Hopefully, this article will help you know how to defrost the Samsung ice machine and no longer wonder every time your refrigerator is ice-build. Also, don’t forget to share these tips with others if you find them helpful!