How Long To Cook Tri-Tip In Oven At 375

How Long To Cook Tri-Tip In Oven At 375?

How long does it take to cook a tri-tip in the oven at 375? Have you ever wondered? Click on our post and get the answer. Plus, scroll down to learn more tips to cook this meat.

Cooking tri-tip in the oven is a low-maintenance method to prepare a flavorful supper for the whole family to enjoy. This tri-tip is perfectly seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. Besides some other factors such as temperature or marinade recipes, the time set also decides the quality of the meat. 

But do you know how long to cook tri-tip in the oven at 375? In this informative article, we have provided a straightforward answer to this question. So kick in and get some cooking tips for your better-flavored dish.

How Long To Cook Tri-Tip In Oven At 375?

If you set the oven at 375°F, the roasted meat will need to be cooked for about 20 minutes or more. 


Tri-tip roasts are a couple of inches thick, so they require a high-temperature oven. The high heat will create a rich crust on the meat’s surface while keeping it juicy in the center. 

The time will vary depending on your oven’s temperature and how well you like your roast. A thermometer is the best technique to determine when the meat is done roasting.

How To Cook A Tri-Tip Roast In Your Oven

Because tri-tip roasts are so lean, they can be tough and dry if they’re not marinated or rubbed in a dry brine. However, the dry brine or marinade isn’t the only thing that helps with tenderizing the beef. 

More importantly, you should also know how to slice the tri-tip because, believe it or not, slicing the roast the wrong way will result in toughness. 

It’s crucial to cut the tri-tip across the grain. However, it will be challenging if you slice it along the grain lines. There’s a little bit of a trick so that you can spot the grain lines. 


Inspecting the roast before it is cooked is the best way to see the grain lines. When the roast is raw, the grain lines are more visible. The grain lines will reverse direction around halfway through the roast. That means you’ll have to switch your knife’s direction. 

Besides a good marinade and a proper slicing technique, you should also remove large chunks of fat to make the dish less fatty. 

However, a small amount of fat should be left on the roast. While the steak is cooking, this small amount of fat will provide a bit of flavor and prevent the cut from drying out. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the oven-roasted tri-tip, but be sure to click down to the recipe card for more information.

  • First, prepare the marinade and let the cut rest in the marinate for 2 or 3 hours in the fridge. 
  • Before cooking, preheat the oven to 350°F and then remove the roast from the marinade and lay it on a baking sheet with a rack. 
  • Cook tri-tip in the oven for 30 minutes or until it’s done to your liking (see the chart below). 
  • Now, remove the roast from the oven, cover with foil, and set aside for 15 minutes to rest. 
  • Before serving, slice your tri-tip roast. In all cases, you should cut it AGAINST the grain. 

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What To Serve With This Tri-Tip Roast?

We like to offer baked potatoes with a dab of sour cream on top with our roast. 

Scrub some baking potatoes, puncture them several times with a fork, and toss them into the oven simultaneously as they roast. By the time you slice the tri-tip roast, the potatoes will also be ready to serve

A few other additions could be some chunks of carrots and half-sliced onions drizzled with oil. Similar to how to deal with the potatoes, right after you remove the roast from the oven, toss them in to cook for 20 minutes. 

After the roast has rested for 15 minutes and been sliced for serving, the carrots and onion will be ready. 

Also, prepare a crisp salad ahead of time and keep it refrigerated until everything is ready to serve. These side dishes would go so well with your main course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to marinate a tri-tip roast?


Allow the tri-tip to marinate in the marinade for at least 2 to 3 hours. Doing so will allow the marinade to penetrate the roast and provide flavor. You can also apply a smoke-house beef rub all over the roast and set it aside for a couple of hours in the fridge for a better barbecue-like taste.

Should I wrap my tri-tip in foil?


Yes, you should. Wrapping the meat in foil keeps the juice from evaporating in an extended cooking time inside the oven.

Do you cook tri-tip fat side up or down?

Place your tri-tip fat side down on the grill and cook it for around 5 minutes on the first side. This process could take longer or shorter depending on the fat thickness; when you see a dark brown crust form, it’s time to flip the meat. The second side of the steak will take around 8 minutes to cook.

How do you tenderize tri-tip?

Tri-tip, like flank steak, has a lot of taste yet could easily become tough without proper preparation and cooking technique. You can marinate the meat for a few hours to ensure that it comes out soft and juicy. It’s not only mess-free and straightforward, but the meat comes out juicy and flavorful!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article has given you a helpful answer to your question, “How long does it take to cook tri-tip in the oven at 375?” Contact us and drop a comment in the box below if any question pops up. We are always here to help.