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The 10 Best 4 Slice Toasters Review 2021

Are you a toast lover who simply can’t get enough buttered toast for breakfast?

Perhaps you’re a waffle-fiend, though, or maybe you prefer bagels for breakfast.

If you have a large family, you could have all these requests and more when it comes to breakfast.

The solution?

Hunt down and treat yourself to the best 4 slice toaster. You’ll get slots wide enough to accommodate 4 slices of bread even if you’re partial to much thicker artisanal loaves that get snagged up in a standard toaster.

What about if you don’t eat any of those alternatives and you’re a plain toast sort of person? Are worth 4-slice toasters still worth it?



The Best 2 Slice Toasters Review 2021

We recently took a look at some larger toasters ideal for the whole family but how about if you want something more compact?

Well, we tested out a huge number of best 2 slice toasters to bring you what you’re looking for and today we’ve got some capsule reviews of the 17 best models on the market.

The toasters we chose all have wide enough slots to cope with thicker sliced bread, artisan loaves and bagels. They also come with an inbuilt advantage…

With just 2 slots, each of these appliances is well-suited to smaller kitchens or anywhere that space is at a premium.

We decided to focus purely on reviews today for a good reason…

We’re here to save you money but also to save you time. A toaster is by definition an extremely simple product so we didn’t want to insult your intelligence by providing a guide to something you don’t need assistance with!

So, on that note we’ll launch directly into our reviews. We’re confident by the end of today, you’ll have the best toaster in your sights so enjoy!