Can You Use A Dutch Oven On The Stove Top

Can You Use A Dutch Oven On The Stove Top?

As one of the most popular cookware nowadays, Dutch ovens are indispensable in so many households. Indeed, almost everyone thought about getting one. Yet, a few hesitate as they don’t know whether these ovens work on their stove or not. 

If you’re also wondering, “Can you use a Dutch oven on the stovetop?” today’s article will serve you right.  

What Is A Dutch Oven?

Dutch ovens possess a long and storied history. Initially manufactured of brass in the Netherlands and molded using sand molds, the idea got stolen by an entrepreneurial American, Abraham Darby, in 1704.

He discovered that making those dutch ovens with cast iron was considerably more economical. And surprisingly, cast iron pots were so expensive in the 1800s and 1900s that people included them in someone’s will.

Nowadays, Dutch ovens come in a wide range of designs and types. Indeed, we can easily spot ceramic variants, cast aluminum models, and Le Creuset’s famous enameled iron ones on the marketplace. However, the majority of today’s Dutch ovens still stick with its traditional material – cast iron.

Because a dutch oven has low thermal conductivity, it holds heat effectively, making it ideal for slow cooking braises, soups, and hearty, meaty recipes.

Modern households love Dutch ovens as they are adaptable cooking pots that people can effortlessly utilize over an open fire, in a charcoal oven, or on any cooktop.

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Can You Use A Dutch Oven On The Stove Top?

Yes, you could utilize your Dutch oven on a stovetop.

However, we usually suggest that you start with the product’s directions. You should be able to spot the details on the internet. If not, contact the client service number for additional info.

There might be no labels to indicate what manufacturer it is in a few cases. In such scenarios, check the piece’s material. For example, if your products are enameled ones, they work well on stoves. Indeed, enameled pots feature unique characteristics to do that.

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The best situation here is that the pot is cast iron or aluminum products without ceramic or stoneware coatings. Such coatings tend to crack if you use them on a stove at a high temperature. Therefore, you can only utilize these pots in an oven.

Because of the stoneware and ceramic composition, certain sections will swell if it is not uniformly cooked while others will not. As a result, cracks will occur.

Can You Utilize Dutch Ovens On Electric Stove Top?


Generally, most Dutch ovens can function well on any cooking top efficiently. The electric stovetop is no exception. As electric stovetops nowadays are among the most widespread cooktop types in the United States, most manufacturers make their pots safe to use on such a heat source.

However, as mentioned above, always double-check with the supplier. Visit their homepage or contact their hotline for more details.

What To Avoid When Utilizing A Dutch Oven On An Electric Stove Top

When your pots get hot, lower the electric stove temperature. Since Dutch pots hold heat effectively, it’s no use to maintain your electric cooktop too high. At the same time, as slow cooking is the main strength of these items, the use of high temperatures tends to leave the food dry and result in nutrient loss. 

Alternatively, change the electric burner to an intermediate level and cook for a prolonged period to get all the flavors out of the ingredients.


Lower the temperature to low after your meal gets cooked to avoid overheating or burning. Since cast iron holds heat effectively, it will keep your meal warm while you finish your dinner preparation.

Utilizing Dutch Ovens On Induction Cooktops

Induction stoves deliver temperature produced by magnetic power, making them ideal for a traditional dutch oven.

The induction stovetop’s copper cable uses alternating electricity to warm the Dutch pot, creating an electromagnetic flux. Since these ovens are ferromagnetic, the electromagnetic forces travel through into the pots easily.

Cooking with a Dutch oven on an induction cooktop is a practical and energy-saving method. As the temperature gets restricted to the cookware base, the remainder of the pot stays cold and prevents users from burning themselves.

What To Avoid When Using Your Dutch Oven On An Induction Stove

Dutch ovens work optimally if steadily cooked to mid-range heat settings. Indeed, preheating the dutch oven to higher heat risks scorching the ingredients’ bottom while leaving the rest uncooked.

Once you begin heating your Dutch oven, see if it is at room settings or hotter. Temperature fluctuations might cause your enamel to deteriorate due to the material’s rapid inflation or compression.


Remember your cast iron cookware does not damage the glass surface of your induction cooktop. Sandwiching parchment, sheets, or Silpat pads between the cooktop and the pot’s bottom is a terrific suggestion.

However, similar to any other cookware, if your Dutch pots possess a round base, you cannot use them on induction cooktops.

Utilizing Dutch Ovens On Gas Stoves

On a gas cooktop, either enamel-coated or seasoned cast-iron Dutch ovens perform admirably. Indeed, this cooktop tends to support the base of your pot securely, which prevents scratches.

However, remember that gas stoves warm more rapidly than different burner sources. Thus, when using a Dutch oven on a gas stovetop, make sure to heat it slowly.

What To Avoid When Utilizing A Dutch Oven On A Gas Stovetop

Before you start cooking using a Dutch oven, it’s a must to preheat the cookware for a long time at a low temperature. If you hurry through this stage, you will get hotspots and inconsistent cooking. Enamel Dutch pots could even burn if left on high-heat stoves for an extended period.


When it comes to Dutch ovens, slow and steady is the best strategy since when the heat transmits through the cookware, it remains warm even at low heat levels.


Can you use a Dutch oven on the stovetop? Now you know you can. Although most Dutch ovens are compatible with stoves, a few ones might bear different cautions. Thus, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and details. Off we go!