Can You Take The Oven Door Apart To Clean The Glass?

Can You Take The Oven Door Apart To Clean The Glass?

Occasionally stains such as food particles enter your oven door and settle on the inner rim of the glass when you are cooking. This may cause permanent staining. In this case, it is advisable to perform some solutions for more effective cleaning. So, can you take the oven door apart to clean the glass?


Can You Take The Oven Door Apart To Clean The Glass? 

This process is actually easier than you think. The following section will analyze the generalized step-by-step instructions so that you clean the oven perfectly. 

Step 1. Remove the oven door 

Open the oven door and remove the door handle not to get in your way during this process. Specifically, loosen the handle mounting screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Set the above parts aside so you can find them later.

The next stage is to remove the oven door completely. Firstly, open your oven door to the first setting on the hinges. This is the broil setting, where the oven door hangs open slightly ajar, maybe six inches to a foot open.

Next is to grasp both sides. At this point, you will need the help of an assistant. Firmly grasp the sides of the oven door and lift. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves with gripping pads for safety.

Lift the door off the hinges and set it down.

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Step 2. Disassemble the inner oven glass

The first stage is to remove the door panel screws. Take a look at the inside of the oven door; you will see the perimeter of the screws to remove the inner panel. Use a screwdriver to remove those screws and set them aside.

Once the screws are gone, remove the inner door panel and put it on an old towel or old blanket. 

You will now see the frame retainer for the inner door glass. It also has a perimeter of mounting screws; remove frame retainer screws and set them aside. Then lift away the glass frame retainer and place it in another towel.

Finally, remove the glass panel carefully. Do not forget to wear gloves to handle the edges of the glass. Be extremely careful when removing a cracked panel or broken glass shards.


Step 3. Clean and install the inner oven door glass again 

First of all, clean the glass retainer frame and surrounding panels. Take a wiper and clean the area in the oven where the glass will go. You should also use a vacuum to get up the small pieces of glass shards and dust that are unsafe to pick up by hand.

Use warm water, cleaner, and a non-abrasive cloth for washing the inner door glass. 

Settle the glass cleaned into the frame and ensure it is aligned in the right direction and firmly set. 

After then, secure the glass by reinstalling the inner half of the retainer frame. Don’t forget to return the screws. 


Step 4. Reassemble the oven door

Start with reinstalling the inner door panel. You have to align and return the mounting screws. Tighten firmly but don’t over-tighten so as not to warp the metal. 

Then, lift the oven door down onto the hinges with your assistant. Open and close many times to make sure the hinges are reinstalled firmly and aligned correctly. 

Finally, reassemble the door handle with two or four mounting screws. 

Some Tips Before Removing The Oven Door To Ensure Safety 

1. Cool down the oven

Because there is a panel of the oven interior in the oven door, it is essential to make sure your oven is cooled down before proceeding with this dismantling process. Wait at least an hour after the oven has been turned off for the last time before starting. You should also open the oven door to speed up the cooling during this period. 

2. Power off

This is a crucial step whenever you clean or repair an appliance. However, this glass removal process does not directly involve wires or electrical components, so the risk is minimal. To cut off the power, unplug the stove from the wall or flip your kitchen breaker.

3. Wear protective gloves

The panels that you have to deal with maybe greasy from cooking or have sharp edges. The effective way for safe dismantling is to wear work gloves that fit your hand well. In addition, you should also wear jeans and closed-toe shoes in case the glass is broken, and you have to contact with glass shards. 


Hopefully, the above article can help you answer the question can you take the oven door apart to clean the glass? Please read carefully to wipe your oven correctly and effectively.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a message.