Broiler Drawer Vs Oven Broiler

Broiler Drawer Vs Oven Broiler: 3 Signs To Tell Them Apart

If it is your first time using a broiler and you want to choose a compatible broiler with your cooking stove, you might find it puzzling to differentiate between broiler drawer vs oven broiler.

Aside from their identical function, there are some differences between broiler drawer vs. oven broiler. Continue reading for a detailed comparison!

Overview Of Broiler Drawer And Oven Broiler

Broiler Drawer

A broiler drawer is typically found at the bottom of gas ovens and is very narrow. As a result, this kitchen appliance often puzzles those who are not familiar with its use.  


The broiler drawer is considered as an extra cooking area that helps increase your cooking experience. It is ideal for safely warming foods and best for toasting or browning the tops of dips or cakes.

Oven Broiler

The oven broiler is usually accommodated at the top shelf in an oven. It is a heating device that uses the exact mechanism of directly heating from above to cook food. 

In detail, the oven broiler uses intensive heat, which works excellent for quick-cooking thin cuts of meat and some kinds of vegetables.


Broiler Drawer Vs. Oven Broiler: 3 Main Differences


As mentioned above, the broiler drawer is a name given to the bottom drawer in the cooking stove underneath the actual oven. It means that you have to bend down to the floor to place food or take it out. 

Moreover, this kitchen appliance often seems to be equipped with a narrow pan, smaller than the oven itself, which is impossible to move up or down.

In contrast, an oven broiler is a column accommodated on the topmost shelf. It has two separate burners; one at the bottom provides indirect heat, and the other running along the top reflects its energy down to the oven.

Cooking methods

While using an oven broiler, adjusting the broiler pan or racks is necessary to get thick items underneath and control your foods to the heat source. The closer you place your dishes to the heat, the faster it cooks.

However, no pan fits in a broiler drawer, so you need to put your food in a bracket or a rail. People tend to use this kitchen appliance at the end of cooking to get an extra brown top.

Both oven broiler and broiler drawer tend to overheat and burn food very quickly, so you have to keep a careful eye while using.


The broiler drawer has functions that work best for browning the tops of dips, baking, and anything with cheese on top. In addition, it is best for toasting or browning foods like casseroles, bread, pasta, gratin potatoes, and an excellent kitchen option to heat foods instead of using the microwave.


On the other hand, fatty pieces of meat, poultry, or fish tend to cook better in an oven broiler, which gives the most favorable results when broiled because they contain a higher fat content. 

Broiler Drawer Vs. Oven Broiler: Which One Should You Choose?

Both broiler drawer and oven broiler can give you the best cooking experiences. They all involve the process of using direct heat for cooking foods more quickly and having multiple options for you to broil.

A broiler drawer is an ideal option if you fancy caramelizing or browning food. However, due to the design of the broiler drawer, it is pretty challenging for those who have back problems and for the elderly to check on the food or take out heavy pans. 

Since an oven broiler is designed better, it is an excellent assistant in the kitchen. Whichever recipe you want to cook works well on this appliance. Time-saving, versatility, safety features, ease of use, oven broiler gets all of these.


Can I broil chicken without a broiler pan?

Of course. It is possible to broil a chicken without a broiler pan. A broiler pan is typically a pan with slats that facilitate air to cook food evenly. Roasting trays, Cast-Iron Griddle Pans or Sheets, Baking Sheets are all great options as a substitution for a broiler pan.

Here is a broiled chicken recipe you can consult:

How to broil bread (with/ without cheese toppings)

  1. Adjust the broiler rack before putting the bread in.
  2. Then, preheat your broiler about 180 degrees.
  3. Now, place bread on a broiler pan and sprinkle the cheese on the bread or the other dishes.
  4. After that, leave the bread within the broiler for 2-3 minutes
  5. Finally, remove the bread once it turns on a golden brown.

NOTES: Keep your eyes while broiling to avoid burning or scorching.

If you sprinkle cheese on the bread, remove it when the cheese is golden and bubbling.

How to clean a broiler pan?

Step 1: First of all, use a dryer sheet to soak the pan. Then, fill the broiler pan with warm/hot water and make sure the whole surface of the broiler pan is covered with water.

Step 2: Afterward, pour a little dish soap into the water and squirt a little on the surface of the pan.

Step 3: Then, place a dryer sheet in the water.

Step 4: Now, let the pan rest for at least one hour with the water, dish soap, and dryer sheet.

Step 5: Lastly, rinse and wipe off food residue, grease.

Final Thoughts

There is no way to tell who is the absolute winner in the battle of broiler drawer vs oven broiler.

The broiler drawer has been there for a while, whereas the oven broiler is a relatively modern kitchen appliance. These kitchen appliances have some differences in design, cooking methods, and uses, but they all heat food very quickly.

An oven broiler will suit you well if you value versatility or extra flavor added to your favorite foods. In contrast, a broiler drawer is an excellent option if you want a warming device or a nice brown crust on top of your dishes, crispy vegetables, the perfect Mac and cheese, and much more. 

Keep your budget, your cooking purpose, and kitchen space in mind before making any decision.

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