Best 4 Slice Toasters

The 10 Best 4 Slice Toasters Review 2021

Are you a toast lover who simply can’t get enough buttered toast for breakfast?

Perhaps you’re a waffle-fiend, though, or maybe you prefer bagels for breakfast.

If you have a large family, you could have all these requests and more when it comes to breakfast.

The solution?

Hunt down and treat yourself to the best 4 slice toaster. You’ll get slots wide enough to accommodate 4 slices of bread even if you’re partial to much thicker artisanal loaves that get snagged up in a standard toaster.

What about if you don’t eat any of those alternatives and you’re a plain toast sort of person? Are worth 4-slice toasters still worth it?


Beyond the extra choice, you’ll get when it comes to using thicker slices, a 4-slice toaster doesn’t take up much more space than a 2-slice alternative. In return, though, you’ll have the ability to speed up cooking breakfast for the family. You can also make a larger breakfast for yourself in a single session.

Today, then, we’ll walk you through the world of 4 slice toasters and we’ll show you what you need to consider when you’re buying one.

Before that buying guide, we’ll get right down to the main event with our reviews. We’ve scoured the market to curate the top 10 toasters capable of cooking more food in less time.

See which of these toasters, if any, would make the best fit for you and your family.

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I. The 10 Best 4 Slice Toasters

1. Our #1 Pick: Cusinaid 4-Slice Toaster


First up and our overall favorite 4-slice toaster, the Cusinaid is a pastel and chrome gem giving you stellar value from a household brand.

The first thing that stands out is the width of the slots. At 1.5 inches, you’ll easily accommodate artisanal bread and bagels as well as your favorite sliced loaves for toast.

Control each pair of slots with independent controls to help streamline making breakfast. Shade selection gives you a class-leading 7 options. Whether you enjoy your toast pale like smoke or remarkably dark, you’re spoiled for choice.

You have multiple functions baked in so you can hit cancel, defrost, or reheat at the push of a button.

Monitor how your toast is cooked thanks to the LEDs. When it’s ready, the auto-lift puts an end to poking inside a toaster with a spatula or wooden spoon. Get that butter ready and any toppings ready.

As well as performing strongly, this toaster looks great, too. The chrome finish is complemented by either pastel blue or black depending on whether you’re looking for a traditional or more modern look.

Build quality is more than you would expect at this reasonable price point. We couldn’t unearth any negative testimony concerning lifespan.

Clean-up has simplified thanks to the removable crumb tray. With the cord wrapping up for onboard storage, you get a complete package from Cusinaid for far less than you might imagine. Let us know what you think of the exceptional 4-slice toaster.

  • Substantial slots for maximum versatility
  • Flip out smaller slices with ease
  • 7 shade settings for fine-tuning


  • Temperature settings can be inconsistent

2. Runner-Up: Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster


Coming in a close second in our hunt for the best 4-slice toasters, you always know where you stand with Cuisinart appliances. This toaster continues this tradition with enviable build quality uppermost.

Each side of the toaster has independent controls. Make yourself some barely-toasted bread and pop in a bagel for your husband and toast it for longer, all while retaining complete control.

An inch and a half wide, these slots are spacious enough for thicker slices of bread, bagels, and muffins.

For bagels, get an even better experience by hitting the Bagel button and getting them toasted to perfection. Cancel and defrost are also baked in at the push of a button.

Use the rotary dial to choose from shade settings. The only identifiable weakness with this toaster is the darker settings that might not be well-done enough for everyone.

All plastic components are free of BPA and all other known contaminants so you can eat with a clear conscience.

As an added kicker, you’ll get all this performance in a reasonably compact unit so the Cuisinart 4-slice toaster makes a neat fit for cramped kitchens and smaller apartments.

The design of this toaster is such that it fits in well with both traditional and more minimalist kitchens. You can rely on Cuisinart.

  • Defrost and bagel settings widen your options
  • Cord storage ideal for busy kitchens
  • Sleek and utilitarian design ideal for minimalist kitchens


  • Not ideal if you like super-dark toast

3. Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide 4-Slice Toaster


Next up we have something for all you bargain-hunters with the Hamilton Beach extra-wide 4-slice toaster.

Do you like toasting thicker slices of specialist bread and find they get stuck in a regular toaster? Us, too. The super-wide slots on this model allow you to get creative with various breads, bagels, and thicker items like muffins without anything getting stuck to the sides or burned.

Tweak the shade settings so you can get everyone’s toast or alternative done precisely the way they like it.

If you have a soft spot for bagels, the Hamilton Beach toaster attacks them the right way. The cut side is perfectly toasted while the round side is warmed so you get the ideal breakfast snack done properly.

Waffles also work well in this toaster giving you a wide repertoire at your disposal and the ability to keep everyone happy at breakfast time and beyond.

As with most of the best 4-slice toasters, you can hit Cancel or Defrost on demand.

The sides of this toaster are cool to the touch while the crumb tray slides out to keep clean-up to a bare minimum. Look after this toaster and you’ll get years of faithful service and outstanding overall value.

  • Perfect for bagels or artisanal bread
  • Adjustable shade settings for the whole family
  • Class-leading price/performance ratio


  • A bit too much plastic so feels flimsy

4. Upgrade Pick: Breville 4-Slice Smart Toaster


Not everyone is looking for the cheapest toaster. If you have deep pockets and exacting tastes, we’d strongly recommend this modern classic from Breville.

You get 1800 watts of power and intelligent operation in a remarkably user-friendly unit.

Measuring 1.5 inches across, the slots are spacious enough to make room for chunky slices of bread, waffles, muffins, or bagels. Regular toast is a snap, too.

Fine-tune the shade setting using the simple sliding dials then see at a glance how you’re doing thanks to the strip of LED indicators.

Are you tired of your toast being almost but not quite done? Hit the Little Bit More button and the Breville delivers as promised with a quick extra burst of heat for a few seconds more. Before it gets to that stage, use the Lift and Look function to see if you are, indeed, nearly there.

The rugged die-cast metal chassis looks great and is built to last. It shouldn’t pick up any smears or fingerprints either.

Coming in at 11.75 x 11.75 x 7.75 inches, you should be able to fit the toaster on cramped countertops without eating up all your available space.

  • Auto-lowering for your convenience
  • Check shade settings on more on nifty LED panel
  • Beeps to alert you when your toast is done


  • Some complaints about this toaster placing form over function

5. KRUPS 4-Slice Toaster


KRUPS make some excellent kitchenware and appliances at pretty reasonable prices so how does this 4-slice toaster fare?

Well, off the bat you get the slots wide enough to give you plenty of latitude with thicker loaves, artisanal bread, and other items like muffins and bagels.

As you’d expect from any toaster with 2 slots, you can take charge of both sides separately. You can also, of course, use different shade settings simultaneously. Breakfast for the whole family? No problem and no hassle!

Ratchet the darkness levels up from 1 through 6 and everyone gets their toast done to their liking. If you want to end you toasting session at any time, just hit Cancel and your bread is popped right up.

The combination of dials and levers makes this toaster a breeze to use for anyone with absolutely no tech-savvy required.

The only downside of this toaster is something common to all KRUPS products: it seems quality control is questionable. Some users complain about build quality and shoddy components while others seem perfectly content. Overall user opinion is mainly positive.

The brushed chrome finish makes a commanding statement while remaining easy to wipe down and keep clean.

  • 6 shade settings offers ample choice
  • Clean interface with blue LEDs
  • 4 functions at the push of a button


  • Some complaints about quality control

6. Oster 4-Slice Toaster


Oster always produce reliable and high-performing kitchenware without blowing the budget. This toaster might not be cheap, but it’s not a bank-breaker either. Is it any good, though?

Kicking off, you get 7 shade settings meaning nobody is left out. Whether you like your bread barely toasted or burned to a crisp, you can cater for everything.

You can also reheat and defrost at the press of a button.

Wider than most 4-slice toaster slots, imagination is your only limitation when it comes to breakfast with the Oster in the house. Fire up some bagels and benefit from the dedicated setting that toasts and warms them optimally. Muffins or waffles also go well, and you don’t run the risk of them getting squashed against the sides of the extra-wide slots.

The bread will auto-adjust once it’s in this toaster so it’s warmed evenly and consistently every time.

Once you’re done, you can remove the crumb tray and slip it in the dishwasher so kiss goodbye to messy clean-up duty. The cord retracts to minimize storage space required.

The neat design of the lever makes it super-simple to get your toast out when it’s done so there’s no more nonsense with wooden spoons and no danger of children poking metal objects inside the toaster.

From tea cakes, muffins, and bagels through to waffles, artisanal bread and thick loaves, you have far more options with the Oster than straight-up toast. Why not give this 4-slice toaster a shot?

  • 7 shade settings to suit all palates
  • Dishwasher-friendly crumb tray
  • Lever streamlines toast retrieval


  • Denser bread needs lengthier toasting times

7. Cuisinart Compact Toaster


What can you do if you want a 4-slice toaster for the RV, an apartment, or a small kitchen? Well, one nifty solution is to invest in this Cuisinart for a space-saving beauty. The best news? Act quickly and you can pick up one of these toasters at an aggressive discount.

Lean and elegant to look at, how does this thing shape up on the performance front?

On each side, you get 2 slots wide enough for thick slices of bread, muffins, bagels, and more. Use a simple dial to control both sides independently.

The 7 shade settings elevate this toaster to the top of its class and give you enough flexibility to get your toast to your taste.

The usual Defrost, Bagel, and Cancel buttons let you perform the most common functions with ease.

The only real complaint leveled at this toaster from users is a certain lack of consistency. It’s tough to establish the accuracy of these claims, though. The vast bulk of user feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

With a 3-year limited warranty, that should be the very shortest lifespan you can expect. Let’s face it, no manufacturer expects to lose out on a guarantee, so we feel you’re safe for several years of regular toasting before you’re likely to experience any problems at all.

  • Stripped down but elegant aesthetics
  • Bagels and larger, thicker loaves slide in with ease
  • Ergonomic deal flicks through 7 shade settings


  • Some gripes about consistency

8. BLACK + DECKER 4-Slice Toaster


Famous the world over for their precision-engineered power tools, you might not know that BLACK + DECKER also make a mean range of kitchen appliances.

The matte black and stainless omber finish is a showstopper in a sea of bland kitchenware. What’s this toaster got going for it beyond those good looks, then?

The slimline chassis houses a pair of toaster slots, each of which you can control separately. All you need to do is choose from toasting, heating bagels, reheating your food, or canceling the session and grabbing your toast early.

These slots are also beefy enough to cope with more than just slim sliced bread. You can easily pile in some artisanal bread, bagels, muffins, waffles, or anything else you can’t get enough of at breakfast time.

Once your toast or other items are done, the lift levers take the sting out of retrieval. All you have to deal with then is removing the crumb tray, popping it in the dishwasher, and that’s the extent of your clean-up.

The self-leveling guides ensure that whatever you slide in your toaster is optimized and cooked through evenly without any scorched edges. This is one of the most consistent toasters on the market.

For anyone looking for a toaster that looks attractive without in any way compromising performance, we highly recommend this BLACK + DECKER 4-slice toaster.

  • Outstanding design makes a real statement
  • Ratchet shade control through 7 settings
  • Twin controls for either side of toaster


  • Some users say they burned this toaster out quickly

9. KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster


As we edge to the end of our 4-slice toaster reviews, here’s an outstanding and arrestingly attractive unit from the ever-reliable KitchenAid.

The black, white, or pearl colorways all make a subtle and muted addition to any kitchen. The fire hydrant red model, on the other hand, makes a real statement on the kitchen counter. We know you’re not buying a toaster to look at, though. How does this 4-slice toaster acquit itself on the performance front?

To start with, automated feeding makes everything easy on you. Flick your shade setting through the 7 available options until you have toast the color you like it. If you’re a fan of really darkened toast, the KitchenAid delivers without needing to keep reheating.

The large slots accommodate most breadstuffs you can imagine. Whether it’s thick slabs of a doorstop loaf, a couple of bagels, some muffins, or breakfast waffles, you’ve got space onboard.

Once your toast or other items are done, the Keep Warm feature ensures that your food is piping hot when you’re ready to eat.

The only real drawback of this toaster comes in the shape of that ruthless price tag. All we can say is this: if you can afford it, you won’t regret investing in the KitchenAid.

  • Comes in an array of striking colorways
  • Automated feed is a neat touch
  • Easy to use despite advanced functionality


  • Can be challenging toasting bagels

10. Dualit 4-Slice Toaster


If you’re shopping for toasters and you want the most choice when it comes to colorways, there’s no contest with this Dualit model coming in 25 different finishes. Beyond this gimmick, what else can you expect?

Firstly, you get a toaster that’s hand-built in the UK so you’re getting heritage, class, and rock-solid build quality.

Dualit use proprietary heating elements that are layered with protective armor giving you unbeatable lifespan and a toaster that’s practically unbreakable.

As if that wasn’t enough, the optional sandwich rack widens your options to include a range of toasties and open sandwiches. This allows you to cook up quite substantial snacks when you fancy more than a couple of slices of toast. We’d strongly advise you dig deeper and bundle this rack. You won’t be disappointed.

With an ejector lever simplifying getting your toast out, we really can’t think what more you could want in a 4-slice toaster. Except, in the case of the Dualit, a slight reduction on the steep price. In fairness, for anyone with a more fluid budget, value is assured here even if the toaster isn’t cheap.

  • 25 finishes in all colors of the rainbow
  • Sandwich cage with drip tray for toasties and more
  • Ejector lever and mechanical timer complete great package


  • One of the most expensive 4-slice toasters

OK, with those 4-slice toaster reviews in place, it’s time for our usual hints to help you on the buying trail.

II. Things You Should Consider


While buying a toaster might seem like the simplest buying decision in the world – and in many ways it is! – it pays to bear some basic guidance in mind.

Focus on the following areas to get the best 4-slice toaster the easy way.

  • Do You Need a 4-Slice Toaster?
  • Width of Slots
  • Shade Settings
  • Features
  • Dimensions
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Price/Performance Ratio

1. Do You Need a 4-Slice Toaster?

The first question to address – and this might save you from buying a new toaster – is to ask yourself whether you really need a bulkier toaster.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to toast thick slices of bread, bagels, or muffins?
  2. Is there plenty of space in your kitchen?

If you reply yes to both questions, you would be best advised to go large and get yourself a 4-slice model.

For anyone only looking to toast thin slices of regular bread, or anyone with limited space in the kitchen, you could probably get away with a 2-slice toaster.

Assuming that, like most people, you’ve decided that extra capacity is worthwhile, it’s time to think about the size of the slots.

2. Width of Slots

Size matters when it comes to toaster slots. Well, it does if you plan to feed more than thin slices into it.

Most of the toasters we review today have slots measuring 1.5 inches across. This is ample for even the thickest artisanal loaf, several muffins, or bagels.

3. Shade Settings

One of the most crucial elements on any toaster is the shade settings.

This is one area you shouldn’t get hung up on, though. Most toasters offer at least 6 shade settings with the leading models fixing on 7 as the standard selection. This should give you plenty of scope for everything from lightly toasted bread that’s barely changed in color to the crispiest and darkest toast that’s admittedly not to everyone’s taste.

Check that fine-tuning the shade is user-friendly.

4. Features

Most of the leading models deliver some variation on the following core features:

  • Keep Warm: Toast ready at the same time as you’re dealing with your French press coffee? Hit Keep Warm and it will be ready to serve at the perfect temperature
  • Reheat: If you’ve neglected your toast and you’re looking at some cold and unappetizing slices, a quick Reheat will give you an extra minute or so without scorching your toast
  • Bagel: If you regularly rack up bagels, look for a toaster with a dedicated Bagel This will toast the cut side while ensuring that the round side is nicely warmed so you get the perfect breakfast bagel while barely lifting a finger
  • Cancel: End any session at the push of the Cancel button
  • Defrost: If you live alone and freeze your bread to eliminate wastage, using a toaster with a Defrost function toasts this accordingly
  • High Lift: Tired of burning your fingers lifting your toast out? Toasters with High Lift eliminate any chance of that happening.
  • Sandwich Rack: Anyone looking to rustle up some more substantial toasties should look for an upscale toaster with the optional add-on of a sandwich rack. This transforms a simple toaster into a snack-generating machine

5. Dimensions

You should give due consideration to the overall dimensions of any toaster you’re looking at. All that counts is making sure you have enough room on the kitchen counter when you’re using your toaster.

If you feel you’ll need to store your toaster when not in use, look for a model with a retractable cord and onboard storage.

6. Ease of Cleaning

The best toaster should be super-simple to clean.

All you need is a crumb tray that removes and you cut that clean-up out of the equation. The only thing to make it even easier is to make sure the crumb tray is also dishwasher-friendly. All you’ll then need to take care of is keeping the chassis wiped down from time to time. Make sure, of course, that the toaster is cool before you attempt this.

7. Price/Performance Ratio

Last but not least, price will usually come into any buying decision. The trick is not to make it the deciding factor.

Also, if you think about price set against lifespan and overall performance, this will give you a much more robust idea of overall value. You can then find the best toaster without overextending yourself financially and without getting an ineffective toaster that will let you down.

Best 4 Slice Toasters

III. Conclusion

Choosing the best 4-slice toaster really isn’t too tough if you pay the simple pointers above in mind.

Stick with any of the extra-wide toasters we review today and you can buy with complete confidence. Deviate from this list and all you need to do is focus on our basic buying guide. You’ll then be perfectly placed to find the most suitable toaster the easy way.

Take a moment to bookmark Hygge Bakery before you head off toaster shopping. We’re here to strip away the hype and give you impartial advice on all the best kitchen products while also giving you plenty of inspiration with information-packed guides.

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