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Thanksgiving Specials

If you are looking for a pumpkin pie not like the typical kind at other bakeries and supermarkets, come to Hygge Bakery and try one of ours this time around. You cannot get one like this anywhere else. We put marzipan in the crust, made using the traditional Danish baking methods and ingredients.

Get 10% discount on pumpkin pies and all of our other large cakes if ordered by Tuesday, November 22nd to be picked up on November 23rd, or November 24th by 1pm.




Associated Press Article


New article by Associated Press

Tusind tak!: Scandinavian sweets spread to US

LOS ANGELES (AP) — They come in slippery, tongue-twisting names such as "spandauer," ''hyldeblomst sorbet" and "gelehallon." And they are spreading across America.

They are the sweets of Scandinavia, treats once relegated mostly to the Midwest, where Norwegians and Swedes have settled for generations. But in recent years stores specializing in the confections have increasingly shown up in urban areas, such as Los Angeles and New York City, ushering in a growing curiosity among foodies.

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Los Angeles Times Article


LA Times had an article about Hygge Bakery yesterday on the frontpage of the Food section

Beyond coffee shop Danish

Sweet and savory pastries and bread lure Danish immigrants and lovers of fine baked goods to Hygge Bakery in downtown L.A.

"Coffee and Danish": You can't help but think of a stale pot of truck stop brew sitting next to gunky jelly-laden pastry. But that couldn't be further from the original. Sure Denmark is a country that runs on coffee, but rather than the dense lump of dough that we know, their daily cups are accompanied by delicate, flaky, marzipan-filled morsels that we rarely see in America.

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More Yelp Reviews

Reviews Hygge Bakery, Yelp

We found some more reviews:

"...and the pastries..well..this guy is for real..."
- Michelle, Studio City, CA

"...if you are in LA and need a great pastry that light, flaky, perfectly sweet or anything else you like, you will find it here..."
- David, San Francisco, CA

"...I think this is the only place in LA that gave me actual real croissants..."
- Siel, Los Angeles, CA

"...Their baking technique is genius and the pastries are phenomenal..."

- Azzi, Los Angeles, CA

"...If you are familiar with Danish baking, you will cry with joy..."
- Shelley, Manhattan Beach, CA

"...I only know of one other Danish bakery and it does not compare to here..."
- Nick, Anaheim, CA

"...French Waffle: crispy, sweet and airy.  so addicting..."
- Maggie, Rosemead, CA

"...Now they've moved the Little Mermaid to China and Hygge is downtown L.A. there is NO reason why anyone would go to Denmark..."
- Bo, Altadena, CA

"...sit outside and enjoy any one of the pastries and a cup of coffee and pretend to be in Copenhagen, nothing could be better..."
- Gitte, Orange, CA

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Yelp Reviews

Reviews Hygge Bakery, Yelp

We found some nice reviews:

"...VERY clean, super nice people, and huge amounts of the worlds best pastries..."
- Bo, Los Angeles, CA

"...The pastries were fresh and moist and absolutely delicious..."
- Allie, Los Angeles, CA

"...Oooooo, so that's what a danish is supposed to taste like!? YUM..."
- Carmel, Los Angeles, CA

"...Everything that I tried is delicious..."
- Natalia, Los Angeles, CA

"...I am currently eating my first Hygge Bakery sandwich and I love it!!..."
- Rei, Manhattan Beach, CA

"...The Spandauer, a "Danish" with custard, is their best-seller. . . and I can totally understand why.  Flaky, buttery, not overly sweet; mmmmm..."
- Jasmijn, Los Angeles, CA

"...Their pastry texture is top-notch: flaky and light on the outside, moist in the middle..."
- Cynthia, Los Angeles, CA

"...Croissants to die for..."
- Andy, Los Angeles, CA

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Another incredible taste sensation

darcinethomas.comReview from Adventures in the World of Mobile Knowledge Workers

"...At the first bite, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. In my many years of pastry eating, I don't think I've ever had anything like it. The bottom layer is a little crunchy, but softish on the top, and tastes like marzipan..."

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It's a Bakery, Not an IKEA Dresser

2709009658_c7c855dbdc_oWheezermonkey has a few things to say about Hygge Bakery.

"...We bought a couple pastries to take home. Yes, even after eating 50 billion of them for free -- a true testament to how good they were..."

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An Infusion of Danish and Neighborhood Character into South Park

LA_weekly_logoArticle in LA weekly

"From a storefront located in the highly controlled, non-spontaneous South Park district of Downtown glows a business that is actually an important piece of any real neighborhood: the local bakery."

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri  7am-5pm
Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Tuesday, 27 March
Monday, 21 November
Thursday, 13 October
Thursday, 15 April
Sunday, 04 April

$2.50 - $2.75


Rolls $0.75 - $1.95
Loaves $5.00 - $6.00


Small Cakes
$0.75 - $3.95
Large Cakes
$15.00 - $20.00