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“…and the pastries..well..this guy is for real…”
– Michelle, Studio City, CA

“…if you are in LA and need a great pastry that light, flaky, perfectly sweet or anything else you like, you will find it here…”
– David, San Francisco, CA

“…I think this is the only place in LA that gave me actual real croissants…”
– Siel, Los Angeles, CA

“…Their baking technique is genius and the pastries are phenomenal…”

– Azzi, Los Angeles, CA

“…If you are familiar with Danish baking, you will cry with joy…”
– Shelley, Manhattan Beach, CA

“…I only know of one other Danish bakery and it does not compare to here…”
– Nick, Anaheim, CA

“…French Waffle: crispy, sweet and airy.  so addicting…”
– Maggie, Rosemead, CA

“…Now they’ve moved the Little Mermaid to China and Hygge is downtown L.A. there is NO reason why anyone would go to Denmark…”
– Bo, Altadena, CA

“…sit outside and enjoy any one of the pastries and a cup of coffee and pretend to be in Copenhagen, nothing could be better…”
– Gitte, Orange, CA

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