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Authentic Danish pastries and desserts have finally arrived in Los Angeles. HYGGE Bakery's pastries are baked fresh daily, using no butter and only high quality ingredients such as low gluten flour, creating a light flakey flavorful taste. Come try our award winning Spandauer and mini desserts today!


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Associated Press Article


New article by Associated Press

Tusind tak!: Scandinavian sweets spread to US

LOS ANGELES (AP) — They come in slippery, tongue-twisting names such as "spandauer," ''hyldeblomst sorbet" and "gelehallon." And they are spreading across America.

They are the sweets of Scandinavia, treats once relegated mostly to the Midwest, where Norwegians and Swedes have settled for generations. But in recent years stores specializing in the confections have increasingly shown up in urban areas, such as Los Angeles and New York City, ushering in a growing curiosity among foodies.

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History of Danish Pastry

In the latter half of the 1900 century European bakers and confectioners developed an array of pastries. The Danish baker Niels Christian Albeck was in Austria studying in 1845 and brought three journeymen back to Denmark. It boosted the development of pastry. The first kind was a croissant with remonce, a soft marzipan filling. Many bakers followed suit.
Of these, still operating is the Konditori La Glace in Copenhagen. The newly created cakes had French-sounding names to appear fine and noble. “Napoleon Hat” was first the of these mentioned in cookbooks in 1856, when Napoleon Bonaparte may have been in vogue. Curiously, “Mazarin” named after the French Cardinal Mazarin around year 1600 was the inspiration for many Austrian pastries and was first mentioned in Danish cookbooks in 1888.
French cabaret actress Sarah Bernhardt visited Copenhagen in 1911 and master baker Steen invented a cake named after her. A real treat: macaroon with chocolate chocolate mousse, coated with dark chocolate and decorated with candied violets. The “Fragilité” is also a an invention by master baker Steen: crispy nøddebunde with butter cream in between.

Los Angeles Times Article


LA Times had an article about Hygge Bakery yesterday on the frontpage of the Food section

Beyond coffee shop Danish

Sweet and savory pastries and bread lure Danish immigrants and lovers of fine baked goods to Hygge Bakery in downtown L.A.

"Coffee and Danish": You can't help but think of a stale pot of truck stop brew sitting next to gunky jelly-laden pastry. But that couldn't be further from the original. Sure Denmark is a country that runs on coffee, but rather than the dense lump of dough that we know, their daily cups are accompanied by delicate, flaky, marzipan-filled morsels that we rarely see in America.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri  7am-5pm
Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Tuesday, 27 March
Monday, 21 November
Thursday, 13 October
Thursday, 15 April
Sunday, 04 April

$2.50 - $2.75


Rolls $0.75 - $1.95
Loaves $5.00 - $6.00


Small Cakes
$0.75 - $3.95
Large Cakes
$15.00 - $20.00
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