Our Bakery


The word HYGGE (pronounced ‘hoo-geh’) is a Danish term for a feeling of being cozy and comfortable.   We strive to provide that type of feeling through our pastries, breads, and cakes

Contrary to what Americans know to be a “Danish,” true Danish pastries are light, flaky and not too sweet

At HYGGE Bakery, we offer breads and pastries reminiscent of the bakeries of Europe. Danish pastries and breads are traditionally made daily

Since our opening in 2009, our chefs have kept the tradition of creating these delectable morsels.

At HYGGE, we achieve authenticity by using all natural ingredients and traditional techniques.

Our ingredients consist of natural ingredients such as low gluten flour and non-trans fat vegetable margarine.

Our pastries do not contain any butter, resulting in a healthier alternative for pasty lovers without compromising taste.

Danish pastries have an extensive history through the ages, and professional European chefs study many years to perfect pastry making techniques.

We strive to bring ‘a touch of the good life’ to our clients. HYGGE, a Danish term meaning a feeling of being cozy and comfortable, is more than just a term.

At our bakery, we endeavor to bring that feeling of comfort to every person who steps through our door.

You can contact us anytime during business hours. Hygge Bakery & Cafe' looks forward to serving you the best food experience.

Or you can also call us from 7 a.m until 9 p.m everyday. Tel (213)-285-2875

Meet Our Chef


Rasmus Lee

Master Chef and Owner

I play with dog and excitedly climb on things. I love flying too. I love planes.

Rasmus Lee

Julio Sanchez

Junior Chef

There are only two thing infinite in this universe, the universe and my passion for pastry

Julio Sanchez